Winter training, Laurent Vidal, Sands Beach.

December 5th, 2015 by


All in all it’s been a fairly decent start to my winter training. I had around 8 weeks of un-interrupted training with the Luc Van Lierde programme and I was chuffed because I didn’t miss a thing and I was going pretty well as a result of it. I took a trip to Belgium to visit Luc and we did some lactate testing for Swim, Bike and Run and actually we identified that even after a 13 week lay off aerobically I was still in pretty good shape but my max lactate was low and that is what i’ve been working on since. So not heaps of volume and some quite intense training to get that back up.

I’m now in Lanzarote for a 17 day camp at home from home, Sands Beach. Weather wise it’s a solid 20-25’c, the warmest possible in Europe at this time of year. I really love it here. 25m pool literally on my door step, great riding in the mountains and some interesting off road running. It has everything you need and now i’ve been here so often I know the island and many people on the island to make it more fun. It’s a funny place to train. It sucks you in and spits you out. I’d dead excited to be out here again but I guarantee you after 10 days I’ll be creeping! I’ll be desperate to go home after 14 days and then after 2 days at home I’ll be wishing I was back out. 

I started to make some plans for the year. After Xmas I’ll come back out to Lanzarote with BMC Etixx for our annual team camp for two weeks. I’ll be home for a day before heading out to South Africa for the East London 70.3 and a 5 week training camp in Stellenbosch afterwards. I need to get in a big Ironman performance this year as I have 0 points so I hope to race twice in Brazil for the 70.3 and the Ironman a month later.

Not everything has been going that well though. Recently we had to say good bye to my friend Laurent Vidal. Laurent was one of my closest friends on the circuit and I knew him for around 12 years. We raced in many teams together for EJOT and Lagerdere. We had many close races, hung out a lot and he even came to my wedding 5 years ago. His death hit the Triathlon community very hard showing just what a great guy he was and how many lives he touched. I’ll miss him a lot and I’m thinking of Andrea and the Vidal family every day.

Between that and 5 days later the Paris attacks I also got hit by a car which is always a laugh…For once it wasn’t my fault as I was coming round a big roundabout and the lady didn’t take the time to look and drove straight into the side of me. By now I know how to crash so luckily I only walked away with a broken finger and a fractured/very bruised rib. If you saw my bike you would think the cyclist it belonged to would be a lot worse off. I let my guard down, I assumed she had seen me but she hadn’t. My advice is if you always assume the driver is going to do the stupid thing so you’re prepared for whatever happens then you’ll save yourself a lot of crashes.