What now!?

June 20th, 2012 by

Hey everyone, I apologise to everyone if I seemed to have gone AWOL! I can assure you that it’s just a rumour that I’ve cracked and now I’m racing for the Democratic Republic of Congo…

I’m sure 99% of you now know the news,  I didn’t make the Olympic team. You’re probably bored of talking about it now and I know  I am, so I’m not going to write about it again.  If you are interested then you can read my thoughts in a BBC article, my Slow Twitch interview or in my Real Buzz blog.

I’m obviously very gutted about it especially as it was a really controversial and political one and was such a suprising outcome.  I honestly just went through one of the lowest times of my career, it was really rough dealing with this news. Especially when this was the ultimate goal for the best part of 6 years. You’re obviously going to hit a low after that! I’d like to thank my wife, my parents, my team, all my friends and all my followers for helping me get through it and dealing with the terrible moods!

So what now? Well, I’ve done my fair share of interviews in the past month and in most of them I’ve detailed about how I have my heart set on racing in America, 70.3 World Championships, outsprinting Lance and my pursuit of becoming the first British Ironman Champion.  After a lot of thought, these goals are not possible this year.

All racing these days seems to be part of a series, You have a whole bunch of smaller races with the big final as the climax.  It’s the same in ITU, 5150 series, 70.3, Ironman and also Lifetime and rev3 series’.  This means you really have to commit to one series and not deviate too much, otherwise, basically you’re not going to gain enough points to even reach the final! I’ve simply run out of time to a) Qualify, there are simply not enough races or time left for me. b) I need time to train specifically for these series and I don’t have that luxury, we’re already half way through the season. I’ll be looking into these options for the 2013 season for sure.

So this year I’m going to stick to what I know and race in the ITU Series, the Bundesliga and French Grand Prix with a few domestic races chucked in.  The year is VERY long, I’ve always said that. I’ve just had a break and although I’ve lost a lot of my form, it’ll be easy to get it back towards the end of the year.  I’ve made some changes to my training, mostly to my running, and I’m really excited to test it out in some hard races. I’ll be hoping to hit a peak around late August to save the year!

Next week I’m driving down to the South of France with my beautiful wife (Brownie points there 😉 I’m going to train with my good friend Brad Kahlefeldt and the rest of the Aussie team. I love this part of the World and I can’t wait to get stuck into some hard work. I’m hoping to get my ass kicked for 3 weeks, best thing to get you in form!

Keep well everyone and I hope you are enjoying some good racing!?