Uplace BMC team camp at Sands Beach.

January 22nd, 2015 by

A belated Happy New Year everyone! Lets try to make 2015 our best one yet! Check out out amazing team video!

Things have been going quite well for me, before Christmas we did quite a bit of free speed stuff! I have to say that I felt like I was doing all the marginal gains stuff but not much of the actual training gains stuff. Maybe too smart for my own good 😉 We spend 3 days in Belgium, lab testing (strength test and threshold tests). Visited the Physio and Strength and Conditioning coach Maarten, bike position testing with Joris, and finally a body scan and a visit to Roel the team doctor for MRI tests on a few issues I was having at the time.

A week later was the fun bit, a visit to the BMC Velodrome in Grenchen with Ben De Wolf, Pearcey and Stefano. We were testing our positions worked out with Joris and we did 7x8mins at 42kph. Seeing each time if what we did saved us Wattage. Interesting stuff and a nice experience! Video here

After a nice family skiing holiday over Christmas, I’ve had the best possible start to the year with an amazing Uplace BMC Training camp in Lanzarote at Sands Beach! I didn’t feel amazing after losing the best part of 10 days training by going skiing but as soon as I touched down in Lanzarote I gained 50Watts and lost 3kg’s! They call it a magical island 😉

team photo

In all seriousness it’s amazing what some good rest can do for you followed by two weeks hard training, you can actually feel really quite fit. Mark Pearce came out with me for the first week so he gave me a hard time out there but it was really useful to have him there! We managed to do around 32hrs training each week with plenty of quality and some long steady miles.  The swimming is coming back nicely and the we made a good start bringing the fast running back into my run programme. Biking however feels really good since changing the position on my bike.

Sands Beach really is the prefect place to train. Just a 4hrs flight south and you wind up in a comfortable apartment 10m from the 8x25m swimming pool, great food, 20’c + sunny weather and perfect routes for cycling and running. It was amazing to hang out with all my team mates again and meet all the team sponsors and invited press. We managed to tick off a lot of our obligations for the year with some photoshoots, interviews and meetings. All very productive, we have amazing partners. Thanks to you all and especially Sands Beach, what an amazing opportunity to duck off there every so often. A real home from home.

bike lanzarote bmc team

Lululemon also came out with their Yoga instructor so we had three 45mins yoga sessions! That was an experience, but I can definitely see it can have it’s place in your triathlon programme.

yoga session

I’m currently taking a few days easy, getting over that camp and relaxing with my family before I build up for a week solid at home in Leicestershire before we go away to our next camp in Southern Spain with Pearcey and some other friends.  This is where we’ll do a huge block that’ll set me up for my first few races of the year. Dubai Triple Crown and South Africa Ironman EEEK!

Mark has some amazing experience at running top quality training camps, the last one was epic, a lot of hard work but at the same time very enjoyable in an amazing location. If you’re quick you can join us for our camp in Feb, or you can book up to come and join us in March! Check out the details here..

uplace bmc swimming