Uplace BMC team camp and what’s next.

May 14th, 2014 by

Hey everyone.

It’s been a decent start to the year, three 70.3 races down in South Africa, California and the Caribbean and now onto my next one in Barcelona. It’s been a pretty chaotic and busy start but after this things will settle down a bit spending the next 12 weeks at home and not really travelling far at all. My wife and new born Son Freddy will appreciate this for sure!

I love being back home in Leicestershire, it’s really where I train best, It’s good to live in my own home, I know my routes, I have all the support I need and the more and more I travel the more I realise that this is the easiest and most awesome place to train.

I just got back from our 2nd Uplace BMC team camp of the year in Mallorca. It was nice to be around the whole team again and get in some hard work. The support was world class as usual with a full time mechanic , masseuse, medical support and strength and conditioning coach plus the logistics and management from Ben and Bob de Wolf. I’m so lucky to be part of the team and really enjoying it this year.

I took part in the Mallorca Olympic while I was out there which was also the Balearic Championships. I managed to take the win by almost 3mins which showed that my form is in a decent place in the middle of my preparation for Barcelona 70.3. We also had some guys racing in Mallorca 70.3 and they all came back with a podium so we must be doing something right! So far the team is killing it and it’s great to see.

I had to change my plans last minute and cancel racing in Mallorca. The time scales didn’t work out for me and I decided to take an extra week between San Juan where I last raced and Mallorca to recover effectively and build back up and entered Barcelona which is next weekend instead. These races are no joke, they hit you hard and take a lot of your energy especially when you battle jet lag on top so you really have to be careful when planning your season. Something i’ve not mastered quite yet!

I’m excited for what’s coming up. After Barcelona I’m hitting the UK 70.3 to race a strong field with the likes of Tim Don who’s gunning this year and also Ritchie Nichols and co. We have many good athletes racing longer these days so that will be an big day out. After this I’m taking a mid season break to recharge and enjoy the other half of my life with the family! Then it’s off to Boulder, one of my other favourite haunts for some preparation for the World 70.3 Champs. I’ll probably stop at Calgary 70.3 on the way over!

Good luck everyone, check out the pictures below from the Uplace BMC camp!

Mallorca Olympic

riding with the boys


Tom Mechanic


swim session





team ride


swim start