Update from Loughborough

May 5th, 2011 by

Running with Lola

Currently I am half way through a big block of hard work which will carry me through a heap of races in France for my team Lagardere, Germany for my Bundesliga team Buschhutten and the World Champs Series races in Madrid and Kitzbuhel.  I’m currently ranked 9th in the World and want to try to keep that top 10 ranking for the whole year and improve on it!  I can’t wait for the next adventures abroad but I’ve still got some really hard work to finish before I am ready for them!

The first week back was really tough!  I was desperately trying to back up my routine and be as consistent as possible after all the travel, racing, catching up with friends and family, a little bit of illness that comes with racing and travel and the night where I treated myself to a few beers didn’t help me either!

I’ve really enjoyed being back though.  4.5 months away makes my friends here seem interesting again!…I’ve got some great training buddies up in Loughborough and even the same old routes seem new again!  I have to say this amazing weather we’ve had for the past 3 weeks has helped!


The running in Loughborough is good at the moment especially since we’ve had a new influx of fast runners hit Loughborough for the first time in years!  Ryan Mcleod is back for a while fresh from a 13:40 5k. As well as the Tri Gold boys Mark Buckingham, Matt Gunby and Adam Bowden who are giving me a hard time on the track at the moment!  I’ll keep chasing them as hard as possible though and it’s better for me to be chasing something then leading every session in my comfort zone!

Finally. While I was out in Australia I was having conversations with BMW and I’m really pleased to announce a 18 month contract with Elms in Cambridge.  I’m currently rocking a X1 but only till the 5 Series GT turns up which will be AWESOME.  I’m very grateful to these guys and excited to be working with them…Obviously!


Just a quick update from me…Hope everyone is well and enjoying the beginning of the season!