May 4th, 2015 by

Hey everyone!

It seems it’s been quite a while since I last updated my blog which leaves me with quite a bit of gossip!

Since I last checked in I was getting all excited about going to Challenge Dubai and posting a solid performance there before running off with the Triple Crown Bonus! It didn’t happen…On a tough windy day in the desert I just didn’t have the legs at all on the bike and had 35 guys ride past me and then it doesn’t matter how fast you run, I was well out of the game. It was a bit frustrating at the time and not really the race I’d like to do that at but I know the reasons why I rode so badly, fixed it and learnt from it.


However it did make me re-think my plans for my first Ironman which was going to be South Africa. I just wasn’t confident about my form at all and it didn’t make sense for me to go there any more. It was lucky I did cancel because for the next month I was in and out of sickness caught from my son Freddy,  feeling very fatigued and generally crappy! So I took some extra rest and slowly tried to get my legs and confidence back. I bought myself another 7 weeks and I committed to going to Ironman Lanzarote and racing well there.  I love racing in Lanzarote, I love the course, I love being there and I think all those things will help me when I’m taking part in a 9hr race! I also figured I didn’t need to risk going all the way over to South Africa when I was unsure about my form and had to battle the heat when I’m coming fresh from England, long haul travel and the obvious cost of getting there. In the end I had an overall better feeling for Lanzarote (and still do).


So that’s 3 weeks away now! (eeeeek) And now I’m in Mallorca for our 2nd Uplace BMC camp of the year putting together the last big block before the big dance. We’re staying near the Best Centre which has a beautiful 10 lane 50m swimming pool and great trails and roads for training. I competed in the BEST Mallorca International Triathlon which is also the Balearic Championships the other day. It wasn’t that pretty to be honest because I’m right in the middle of my Ironman block and tired but I managed to get the win from a young talented German guy after a big sprint finish. I hadn’t gone that deep in a sprint finish for a while and my body wasn’t used to it so ended up vomiting from 100m out and plenty at the finish line! Not the nicest finishing photo!

Coming up in the next few days I have some more Ironman specific training sessions to feel the volume required and test the Etixx nutrition I’ll be using on race day. I believe Mark Pearce is going to take me for a 6hr ride on one day, and the next day backing it up with a marathon run! I’ll have earned my Milka after all that I think.


In-between all this I put in quite a few miles back home in Loughborough in the amazing Spring weather we have had. It felt like a training camp!

We also ducked off to Qatar for a long weekend as Aspire Zone invited Romain and I to compete in the Tower Running World Championships. What an amazing place it was.  It’s a huge, huge sports complex containing one of the World Cup stadiums for the Qatar World Cup, 3x50m pools, indoor athletics track, gymnastics hall, heaps of gyms, full size indoor astroturf pitch, a world class sports hospital and a 10k running track with 4 lanes going around the whole complex. One lane rubber, one road, one grass and one wood chip! That’s just to name a few things…oh, and a 51 story hotel called the Aspire Torch that we had to run up 3x! Great event though and it was nice to go away and do something different, probably one of the first times in a long time that we did a competitive sports event where we were not phased by the outcome. It was purely for the fun of it.


I’ll let you know how Lanzarote goes…should make interesting reading I’d say.