Sydney World Series

May 1st, 2012 by

Hi everyone.

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I’ve been getting settled back in the UK for a week now and I think I had a fairly good trip back  after my race in Sydney. I’m just getting settled back into a routine now. Training changes now I’m home to fit in with all the various groups here. Takes a while to get used to it again. Like Tuesday night track session followed by early morning swimming…ouch!

It’s great to be home after being away so long.  I’m not sure I’ve seen the sun yet which is a bit annoying but hey…that’s England!

I had a decent race in Sydney. I was happy with my form there. It is hard to race well at that time of year because it certainly, for me anyway, takes till July to REALLY find my legs and start bashing out the big performances. Unfortunately though even though 8th place in the World Series is a very solid performance, it does not help much in getting my place on the Olympic Team and it’s going to require a position much closer to the podium to get me on that start line racing for myself.  I’m told that if no one is competing on a podium level or close to then there will be selections focused on finding someone for a supporting role (domestique). Which I’d also probably apply for if I didn’t get selected.

We’ll find out if I’m good enough in just over 2 weeks time. Till then it’s hard down doing everything I can do to get on the start line in as good shape as possible.

Thanks everyone for your support, I’ve had many nice emails/twitter messages and facebook messages and it really means a lot and keeps me motivated.

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