Snowy Boulder in Spring!

April 17th, 2013 by

Snow training day!

So it is STILL snowing in Boulder Colorado, the state which apparently has 300 days of sunshine a year! We have had 5 days of snow since we have been here and it’s starting to really frustrate me now… I cannot stand indoor training, especially riding on the turbo – but it’s looking like one of those days again today :-(

There is hope though as in 9 days we will be heading south to warmer climbs in preparation for a couple of fun races the first being St Anthony’s 5150 in Florida and then St Croix in the US Virgin Islands. We have sensibly bolted a few extra days onto our stay in St Croix 70.3 to have a mini holiday before heading back to Blighty for a few European races. So lots of fun to look forward to…

I hope everyone’s training is going well in preparation for this years race season which is fast approaching… Train hard, win easy 😉