Season’s done (pretty much)

September 13th, 2011 by

the crew in cheju

I am back home now after a tough past month of training and racing, but my season is now finished now and I’m really excited to relax and recover after my best ever year.

Since my last blog it all started to slip through my fingers a bit!  I picked up a bit of a niggles in my legs in Lanzarote that I just couldn’t shake off however with lots of physiotherapy and massage plus a heap of exercises in front of the TV I could keep it under control and I could run probably half of what I normally do which for me is no where near the amount I need to do to be at the front.  I could however work hard on my swimming and cycling so I thought it’s possible I can capitalise on this!  I think at one point I was swimming and cycling the best I ever have.

Dunkin with Dave!

So I hit a German Bundesliga in Grimma, Germany.  I got there in a bit of a state though because I had a day of rest before my travel and my 12hr travel day full of delays. When I got there my leg has seized up and I couldn’t even train again before the race.  In the race I worked to my strengths though and got a 35 second lead to start the run with.  I managed to hold on for 5th which was a decent performance all things considered and my team manager was happy.

Post Bundesliga, I had a mammoth journey to get to Korea for my last phase of preparation ahead of the World Championships Final.  I had to fly from Leipzig-Frankfurt-London-Shanghai-Cheju (Korea) all in one day! pfff! Long day that was but I landed and surprisingly felt decent getting off the plane.  Cheju was beautiful and I had a great time training and hanging out with the Brownlee boys, David Macnamee and our support crew Ben Bright and Emma Deakin.  It was very hot out there and we trained pretty hard so I was able to go into Beijing with some gas!

cycling cheju

After our hot weather training camp in Korea, who would have thought that in Beijing we could have 15’C and pouring rain!? It’s the 4th time this year in a World Series that we’ve had horrible weather! By Mid day we heard the worlds TAKE YOUR MARKS and the race got under way.  I felt fantastic in the water exiting right up there in the mix. Onto the bike I could tell that I’d have a good hard ride today, my legs felt great and I spent the whole 40k covering all attempts to break away and controlling the race.  On lap no.3 we got to the top of the climb and I looked over to find we had a break away with 6 of the strongest riders in the sport.  Perfect!  We rode mega hard for the next 5 kilometres but unfortunately someone bought the rest of the field back up to us again and it wasn’t to be! I’m not sure that my run was ever going to be good all things considered.  I was pretty tired running around but I was happy to limit my losses and I finished the World Championships Series in 9th place which I’m really happy with.

on track

So now it’s holiday time!  I’ve been in a routine now without a break for 10 months pumping out somewhere between 32hrs – 26hrs every week so the body is suitably tired!  I’m going to take about 6 weeks off training but knowing me I’ll probably do the occasional session for fun.

women farming garlic

I’d just like to thank EVERYONE who has supported me this year, whether you are Michelle Dillon who has turned my career around, my very patient wife Clare who has to deal with my roller coaster mood swings and Sundays where she barely sees me because I’m doing 6 hours of training. My support team, my family and friends, and anyone who follows my journey, especially you poor buggers that have cheered for us for 2hrs this year in a cyclone!


P.S. As I left it so long this is very brief!  If you want to read more please check out my latest Realbuzz blogs here which I write weekly!