Reflections on Boulder

August 23rd, 2013 by

Things are going well in Boulder in preparation for the highlight off the year on many people’s calendar the Las Vegas 70.3 World Championships.

You might have noticed I’ve been pretty quiet the past month. I’ve not raced once, opting for a long preparation training camp instead. I wasn’t exactly ready to deliver a great result at 70.3 distance. I’m not complaining at the level of fitness I have at the moment which has actually been very good all year. I wanted more time to develop my Time Trialling ability which is best done in a routine, week in week out practicing with no gaps. I think it’s difficult to make the necessary changes when I’m disappearing off racing every other weekend.

Ward Ride

I hope that now I can come to Vegas refreshed, fully prepared and able to ride at the front and challenge for the win. I’m not so interested in delivering average performances at is point in my career. That said, I think I’ve got a lot of experience in race craft to gain still and that’ll take more then a year.

Boulder has been really awesome. The weather has been amazing every day. We have a great group of friends to train and socialise with and the training as been spot on. Although dealing with the altitude has been a new experience for me, finally 3 weeks on, I’m starting to come round from.

The terrain out here is incredible and most days we’re climbing up high into the mountains. Boulder itself is 1650m which is perfect but you can easily climb up to 3000m and above. If you’re a real machine you can ride up to 4000m+ and many of the best athletes here do.

I hope you’re all enjoying the end of the season. I’m excited to get to Las Vegas and we even have 2 days locked in afterwards to check out the strip! Watch this space. I would have thought I should have some better stories then just swim bike run in around 2 weeks!