Racing update

July 10th, 2013 by

Hey everyone. Hope you all having great summer and thanks for checking by. It’s been a big month of racing my end with 4 big races in the past month. To be honest it’s not ideal when it works out this way especially from a performance perspective because you do start to get tired, underprepared and even starting to lose some fitness but I do love competing, it’s good fun visiting these fantastic races and it is my job I suppose!

I’ve had a fair bit of bad luck this year with weather, crashes, illness and racing mishaps etc but recently but I did manage to get myself in decent shape post racing in St Croix. I was training with the lads back home in Loughborough and they really pushed me along but in hindsight I don’t think I’ve quite got the training right for long distance racing yet and deep down I was still training for short racing.

1) UK 70.3 was a disaster from start to finish. I made far too many mistakes to finish near the front and woke up with bad bike legs on the day. 4th place and one to forget, but not shying away from the fact that I still have heaps to learn about long distance racing.

2) Schliersee Bundesliga was great. I kind of felt like I’d never been away from short course racing and finished up a close 2nd to Laurent Vidal. Re-instated confidence in my fitness especially as I’ve not been training for this kind of event and just 6 days after a half ironman.

3) Dusseldorf was a nightmare. Towards the end of the bike I got tangled up in a crash going over my Handlebars (again) hurting my shoulder in the process. I lost 4 minutes getting back on my bike but finished the race taking the fitness from finishing a solid race.

bike Dussel

4) Kitzbuhel ITU World Series….What a race! Hardest sprint course imaginable! I couldn’t miss the opportunity to compete in this epic. I finished up 15th which was pretty good all things considered. I was just happy to be there and I’ll never forget it! Was great to catch up with the old gang. Nothing’s changed though. Alistair Brownlee smashed it.

riding the hill

Now that mad month is out of the way I’ve had a long think about how I’m going to go about the rest of the year. Rather then biting off more then I can chew with trying to qualify with Des Moines. I’ve decided to put all my eggs in one basket this year and that’s to be successful at the 70.3 World Championships in Las Vegas. I’m taking a week off as we speak to refresh the mind and the body before committing to a 7 week training block to prepare myself as well as possible. I want to really work hard on my Time Trialling and get that up to the level where it needs to be and to do this I think I need to be in the routine week in week out. Rather then jetting off to do another race which will just distract from my training.

Good luck everyone.