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May 29th, 2012 by


Well, that’s it! the final Olympic qualification race has been and gone and I have to say it’s a massive relief to know that our work is done and it’s finally in the hands of the selectors. The British Team await their fates on Tuesday night and I’ve got a bottle of champaign chilling in the fridge for Liz Blatchford and myself plus our amazingly patient and committed partners. We’ll be celebrating going to the Olympic Games on home turf or we’ll be toasting new beginnings and new focuses.

It’s been quite a journey the past year or so. I’t’s been thrilling watching my other colleagues on their road and all the emotion that goes into this game. Some people come away ecstatic and others bitterly disappointed, whatever happens though it helps make you as a person that’s for sure. I’d like to congratulate everyone on their effort. It’s inspiring to watch and I’m really happy to share the feelings with everyone.

Since I last blogged which was just after Sydney World Series race where I was coming off an 8th place and a great start to the year. It only got more difficult from there on. Which if you ask me is to be expected if you take a step back and look at what we’re trying to do here! I spent two weeks back at home near Loughborough where we had non stop rubbish weather, I got a bit ill and for sure was getting very tired. It really didn’t set me up well for our 2nd qualifying race in San Diego where I really struggled and finished 20th. We then had to fly back to Europe again which if you ask me gives you the worst jet lag possible. To race like a legend in Madrid was a tall order after racing in 3 massive races in 3 continents in such a short period of time… I can’t talk about my thoughts at the moment but I had very specific goals in Madrid which will fingers crossed put me in the best possible position for qualification for London Olympics.


I’m VERY excited for what lies ahead. I’ve certainly lost a lot of form over the past 8 weeks with all the travel, racing and recovery that comes with both so I need to address that with a nice big consistent block of training back in the routine at home! To race at the front at this level takes perfection and when you are travelling from city to city and taking recovery from exertions in these races you don’t actually get to prepare as you should. Before you know it you can’t remember the last time you did a ‘big week’. When you have a qualifications this rigorous though you don’t have the luxury and you just have to do your best.

It’s no use jumping straight back in off the back of what I’ve just done though. I’m exhausted both mentally and physically, I gave so much to this goal and now it’s time for me to take some recovery for 5 or so days at home with my family and friends. Then I’ll be building up for a BIG 2nd half of the season either at the Olympic Games (fingers crossed) or elsewhere but I’ll have to announce the B plan a bit later once I get off the phone from the selectors and I’ve had a planning meeting with my team.

As always thanks to everyone who follows my progress and supports me along the way. It’s touching to see how many people want to see me racing in London.

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