Nice French Grand Prix

April 26th, 2011 by

the boys

Racing for Lagardere in the French Grand Prix is probably my favourite racing for the year.  It’s always a pleasure to meet the gang who by now are really good friends.  We always have a laugh and the other great thing is it’s usually just a 1hr flight away! In on Saturday back home on Sunday.

Nice was the opener of this years series.  Heading into the race I knew that I would really struggle in Nice and it’ll probably be the worst race of the year for me.  Mainly because I’ve been effectively mucking around the past 5 weeks either tapering or racing, travelling or attending sponsorship commitments, getting ill from long flights and catching up with friends and family after a long time of no see.  Hey. It’s a long season and I know it’s only good for me to have this down time.

One of the things I love about FGP is it’s mostly all about the team.  It’s real pressure off fun racing.  The most important thing is we get the best possible ranking for Lagardere Paris Racing.  It doesn’t matter that I’m not 100% fitness at the moment as long as i don’t let the team down.

The sea swim was really choppy, 3rd choppy swim in  a row!  When the gun went it took me a bit by surprise (no, I didn’t duck) I wasn’t entirely ready, my goggles were on top of my head! It costed me a second or two so I ended up in the 2nd row.  I managed to muscle my way to the front group though and got out of the water in around 10th place which I was really happy with because I’m continuing my good swim form!

The bike was an out and back course and was quite windy.  I had a few digs on the bike but it’s too short and it’s obvious that doing this was just a bit of a waste of time! It’s good though to flex your muscles and show a few shapes out there on the bike course! The pace was quite easy but we managed to keep our gap to the 2nd pack so we got onto the run with a little lead, all the main players were in the front though!

I got onto the run in 3rd place and ran pretty hard for the first 2.5k.  Keeping with the boys.  I felt really uncomfortable running at this pace though and in the 2nd half as expected I struggled and just survived the rest of the race but Lagardere were easily 2nd best team and we were never going to beat Sartrouville (Brownlee, Brownlee, Gomez!) so I could relax into the finish at my own pace.

I’m looking forward to the next 5 weeks of hard work I’ve got ahead of me. I want to try to make it the best quality block I’ve ever done and that should put me in great knick for the next big block of racing.  I’m ranked 9th in the World at the moment and I’d like to at least hold onto that ranking!