My big move to 70.3 / Ironman racing.

November 29th, 2012 by

I’ve been hinting about it for a while but finally now I can start talking more openly about my plans for next year. I had to wait to firm up a few things before I made any announcement with my team, sponsors, British Triathlon and so on.

I’ve decided to take my career away from the ITU circuit and start heading down the Ironman route. Starting off with Non-Drafting Olympic Distance racing but mainly focusing on 70.3’s (which is Half Ironman). I want to get started racing Ironman in the next 2/3 years and I hope one day I can become the first British Male Ironman World Champion. I don’t want to jump across too soon, there is plenty of good racing to compete in on my way up.

The ITU circuit has been really great to me. I’ve made a lot of great friends, competed in some really impressive world class events in some great locations and in my eyes I’ve been quite successful at it and I’m happy with what I could do in this series.  I haven’t closed the door on it totally and I’m sure I’ll race very occasionally. I’d like to perhaps contest Commonwealth Games qualifying and Rio Olympics if I think I can compete but it’s not my main goal anymore.

The main reason I’m making the move is I’m really after a new challenge to freshen up my career a bit and I really think I’m suited really well to this sort of racing.  I was getting a bit stale with the ITU racing.  What I’ve done in my career so far has groomed me perfectly for what lies ahead.  Real honest, fast, tough racing against some fantastic athletes getting pushed to a new level in every race of the year. I’ve learnt so much about so many aspects of the sport and I know I’m a very robust trainer probably most natural to the bike which is obviously key for Ironman racing!

I’ve already equipped myself with a new coach, Mat Steinmetz who lives in Boulder, Colorado.  I approached him after recommendation from a good friend but I also knew who he was because he coaches Craig Alexander and Merinda Carfrae,  Ironman World Champions as well as good friend Liz Blatchford.  Obviously I know I’ve got one of the best coaches in the sport as  part of my team and I’m really looking forward to working with him.  He did a recent interview with Slowtwitch if you’re interested.  His area of expertise is the bike, and he’s a go to guy for bike set up and equipment choices which is something I’m going to be needing a lot of help with.

So. I’m getting started in January with 70.3 South Africa.  Then once back from a long block of winter training in South Africa I will go almost straight to USA for some more racing and training. With Galveston and St Croix 70.3’s.  My aim of the year is to race fast in Hy-vee Des Moines and Vegas 70.3 World Champs. Both require you to qualify first.

Hope you’re all well and getting stuck into your winter training!