Mooloolaba, Gold Coast and Olympic selection

March 31st, 2012 by

Running mooloolaba

Things are starting to wrap up on the Gold Coast and we’re coming into the start of the race season again. I’m looking forward to getting home, It’s gone amazingly out here and I wouldn’t change one day. It’s really important to get in a big winter in order to go well for the whole season. It’s where the foundations are laid and is also the only time where you can really make big changes and improvements. With a bit of luck on my side, I think it’s going to be a great year. There really is nowhere like home though and I’m looking forward to getting back to my new house which i’ve hardly spent any time in and falling back into a routine in Loughborough. Traditionally we’ll come home from here, take a week easy and then really start to come good for the European races. Bring it on!

This year I’m really excited to be working with a few more sponsors and I’d like to welcome along GE, Focus Bikes and Huub for the journey! I’ve just received my new Focus Izalco in the custom Team EJOT Buschutten colours. It looks great don’t you think? I’m also looking forward to getting suited up in Huub wetsuits, I know a lot of great work has gone into their suits and i’m told they’re really fast!

Focus Bike Team

It’s been a great weeks training since Mooloolaba, the race usually knocks you about with the tough run course so i’m lucky that I blew hard on the run because it meant I didn’t pull up sore at all! It was really fun to catch up with friends from the circuit and soaking up the atmosphere on the Sunshine Coast. They really put on a great show, I’d recommend the event to anyone! Unfortunately for me I always struggle in this one. It’s really early for us Europeans to be ready for a race in March and you’re always a bit rusty still. Even if you have spent the whole winter 2hrs down the road! After further analysis I also think that the course is not suiting my massive stride length, I’d prefer a hard bike and a flatter run course but hey…I hope it sets me up nicely for Sydney in a few weeks time. 9th place is not a bad start anyway.

So Sydney next, it’s the first World Championships Series race and it’s one of those vital opportunities to prove ourselves to the Olympic selectors. They’re going to be looking for an athlete who can get among the medal zone from now until June so I’m hoping I’ve done enough to be that sort of athlete! It’s going to be hard as always with the usual suspects like Tim Don and Stu Hayes as well as younger guys improving faster then anyone as you do at that age.

I hope everyone back home’s enjoying the spring weather, not long till the season starts now! it’s going to be a great year.


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