London World Series

August 8th, 2011 by

Running with Maik

Just got home from London.  What a fantastic weekend.

14th wasn’t the result I was hoping for but I’m happy with my effort.  I was 3rd best Brit which I’m happier with as it hopefully looks favourably towards me with the Olympic selectors.  To be honest the race didn’t suit me yesterday, It’s not how I’ve been training.  The run was too fast for me and the bike was WAY too easy! I’ve learnt a lot though and should I qualify I’ve got a really good understanding of how to be successful on this course.

We were staying in a nice hotel just on the fringe of Hyde Park.  It wasn’t an ideal build up for me though…the Air Con didn’t work so the room was very hot and 2 nights before the race (the most important nights sleep) I couldn’t sleep and finally dropped off at 5:30 am.  This worried me massively because I know how crucial sleep is to an athlete and 3hrs sleep makes me feel very lethargic.  The doctor gave me a sleeping pill so the next night I was fine but the damage is already done.

As no.2 World ranked I had the chance to start next to Javier Gomez so I had an awesome line to the first buoy.  I got a lot of beats at the turn but I ended up exiting right up there in the mix and once on the bike we had a gap to the chasing pack which was nice!

My plan was to conserve as much energy on the bike as possible.  Unfortunately a group of 4 slipped away from us containing Alistair Brownlee and some other big names but a good result was still on the cards.  The bike was mega easy which is bad for me because I rely on the bike damaging some peoples legs but not this weekend!

The run was incredible. It was so fast, 25 athletes ran under 31 minutes.  I wasn’t hanging around either but my 30:30 was only good enough for 14th. This was Olympic Selection for most of the athletes so everyone was in great form and gunning! I’m neutral about this result because to be honest I was always targeting Beijing in 1 months time more so then London. My preparation wasn’t ideal with quite a bit of races and a bout of insomnia but I really enjoyed the weekend and it was a pleasure racing against such an enthusiastic crowd! Thanks to everyone for coming out.

1st Alistair Brownlee GB 2nd Alexander Brukankov 3rd Johnny Brownlee