London 2012

August 14th, 2012 by


Hey Everyone, I hope you’re all as blown away by the Olympics as I am.  I’ve really never seen anything like it as the whole nation seems to have have gone totally sport mad and not just the gold ribbon events but any sport and all of a sudden everyone seems to be an expert in sports like Equestrian dressage and Judo!  What a way to showcase sport and also Great Britain and inspire.  Will it inspire a generation? Well, I’ve definitely noticed a big jump in enthusiasm.  Definitely more people out riding their bikes and exercising from what I’ve seen.  Our Olympic Medalists have become over night household names and I can certainly see how they’ll serve as fantastic role models to young people. I’ve been there and done that but I’m certainly inspired!

Things were going very well last week, I was motivated, enjoying my training and had a great feeling in my legs. That was till last Wednesday when I crashed my bike.  I was going quite fast at the time so it really threw me about like a rag doll.  I could have easily hurt myself but luckily I crashed really well by rolling away and just came out of it shaken up, bruised and grazed.  I hit my head really hard on the road totally destroying my helmet.  I’ve always worn a helmet through my whole career, mostly because it’s drilled into me and I feel guilty if I don’t wear it.  I was never really that into it because i’ve had many crashes and never hit my helmet on the ground.  However looking at the damage to my helmet after this crash I’m sure i’d be in big trouble had I not been wearing on last Wednesday!

So it’s been a difficult week of training, trying to manage my wounds and still keep up my fitness and form. It certainly took me a good few days to loosen up enough to get out on the road again.  I did take the opportunity to head down to London to cheer on my colleagues though! I wanted to witness history being made with Alistair and Jonny Brownlee as favourites to bring Gold home and I also wanted to see Londons efforts at hosting a Triathlon at the biggest level in sport. I was stunned to see how many spectators came out to watch our little sport. Looking at the venue, i actually took a step back to think about how far the sport has come in the past decade. We’re a big deal now that’s for sure! I thought the whole event was an incredible show.  The Brownlees didn’t disappoint winning Gold and Bronze.  It was never in  doubt for me, the three that got on the podium have been by far the best athletes over the past 4 years. It’s testament to how hard these guys work and they thoroughly deserve all they get!

I’m back in Loughborough now working on my form heading into the last races of the year, it’s been a long hard year and I’m looking to see it off with some solid results.  Next up is Stockholm World Series and then I’m heading for a mad 5 in a row taking on 2x Bundesliga in Hannover and Schliersee, a french Grand Prix in Nice and finally London Triathlon.

Bring it on!