Holidays are over

November 12th, 2012 by

Well that’s the holidays over again for another year!  I had a great few weeks in the Seychelles as well as quality time doing normal things with friends and family at home.  Seychelles is definitely the most remote place I’ve ever been. It’s closest next point of land is Somalia and it’s definitely got that East African feel there. Very relaxed islands, unspoilt beauty and generally not a lot going on! Very handy if you’re looking to un-wind, recover and ponder what lies ahead in your world!

It’s one of those blink and you’ll miss it places. We spent the first 10 days sailing on a Catamaran Yacht although there was next to no wind there was a lot to see wether that was an amazing Sailfish as big as myself breaching the water 5 times in succession a hammerhead shark swimming under our boat or my father splitting his hand open and requiring stitches in a shockingly bad hospital!  We spent our days travelling between islands, relaxing on the beaches and I manages to get 4 dives in.  I was pretty stoked to come face to face with some very big (2m) Grey Reef sharks, get close and personal with a turtle and spot a large school of rays.

At the start of the holiday my sisters boyfriend and I got the idea into our heads that we wanted to catch a fish from the back of a boat. With the terrible lack of good food on the island we liked the idea of acting as hunter gatherers for the family. I’ve not got the best fishing history. When I was 12 I bought a cheap rod for £16 with my friend and didn’t catch anything all summer. The rod we bought in the Seychelles wasn’t much better and after a 2 min lesson from the store owner we were on our way. I wasn’t backing myself for this, I didn’t have a clue what I was doing plus I’m an animal lover so deep down didn’t even want to catch something anyway incase I accidentally killed it. In the first 4 days we didn’t have any luck. We got the lure wrapped around the propeller twice, kept getting tangled and even put some chicken on the lure to entice some interest (not needed apparently). We were getting laughed out of the boat. That night Stu and I met some South African guys who had 3 huge fish on the back of their boat and were butchering them for their dinner. Of course we went over for some advice and after a few pointers our motivation was re-kindled. They did however say if we caught anything over a kilo it’d probably snap my rod!

The next day we casted away again before sitting down to sunbathe, we won’t catch anything anyway! Within 3 mins the rod started freaking out! Could it be!? We fought to bring it in and after 5 mins reeling in the line we had managed to hook ourselves a 3kg yellow fin tuna worth £30 in Tesco. Even better news. The poor bugger took the hook through the brain so we didn’t even have to kill it and the rod lasted another day! Freshest Tuna i’ve ever had but still prefer Snapper! So… Don’t ever let the trouters bring you down, persistence and belief is the key and nothing is impossible!

So it’s back into it now for me, for another long year! I’ve on day 5 now and so far all good! Not feeling too un-fit, I’m really motivated, the body is replenished and the head is in the right place ready to take on board a whole load foundation training!  I’ve got some exciting plans for next year which I’ll announce soon but right now I’m still working on firming those ideas up.

Thanks for reading.