Hello from Oz!

January 7th, 2012 by

Hey everyone

I haven’t blogged for quite a while unfortunately mainly because it’s been quite a hectic period for me and I’ve been blogging a lot for Realbuzz which takes up a fair bit of my blog concentration!  So please check out the archives on that if you are interested.  My blogs can be read here.

Barrow 10k

So, what have I been so busy doing.

Well, obviously my training comes first, and it’s been going pretty well.  I’ve been hitting out some solid sessions in all 3 sports. Doing a fair bit of running with an amazing group we have down the track with Ryan Mcleod, John Beattie and James Wilkinson among the other lads.  We must have about 10 Sub 30min guys there right now! Swimming is going quite well swimming on my own as well as 3 times a week with the squad in the morning for the big swims and cycling is ticking along with various different groups.  It’s all been a bit too inconsistent for my liking though and consistency is the name of the game so. With all the media commitments, sponsor days and Christmas festivities, I decided by the start of the year i wanted to be out in Aus so I booked my flight to Australia and here I am…pumping the miles on the Gold Coast, getting in a consistently hard rhythm that’s going to set me up nicely for the season. gone! So far i’m not hurting too bad from the Jet Lag and it’s been awesome. Amazing weather and fantastic group to mix it up with.  I just came back from a criterium bike race with Courtney Atkinson and Stuey and some other Gold Coast roadies.


In other news Clare and I just moved house into Barrow Upon Soar which is 3 miles out of Loughborough.  It’s a nice village, with great community feel and the running is awesome straight from my door so we’re really happy with it!  This year we hosted Christmas and New Year for our families in our new home.

I’m really excited for 2012, it’s probably going to be the biggest year of my career in terms of ‘this is our chance to shine’ and ‘making it happen’. I along with everyone else is desperate to make the British Team in the 3rd spot so it’s going to be a scrap for it.  I feel like I’m in a great position after last year and I believe in myself to do it with a podium finish from 2011.  So I know when I am fit I can be racing at the very front but I’m going to need to prove it again in 2012 .  Come the first few races of the season I’ve got to be close to my best ever shape to give myself the chance.  British Triathlon wont take an also ran to London, they want a genuine medal contender, and we need to prove we can do this in the first 3 races of the year in Sydney, San Diego and Madrid.  If no one is capable of this then they’ll take a Domestique to pull together all the energy into the Brownlees chance.

I hope everyone had a great Christmas and New Year!