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February 16th, 2012 by

Hi everyone! Hope they winter is not too cold for you!?

clifton springs

Things are going great in Australia.  The weathers been beautiful, the training environment has been motivating allowing us to keep on pushing and the quality of my training since I’ve been here has been consistently high. Happy days!

This weekend we headed down to Geelong (Victoria) to race in the first race of the year.  It was also the Aussie Sprint Championships so a strong field assembled full of Ozzies to get their foot into the door of Olympic selection and also guys like me looking to get fit for the first races of the year.  We stayed a bit out in a rented house with Jimmy Seear, sister Maxine, Liz Blatchford and Clare.  Was a room with a view as we were right on the ocean.  Made me pre race preparation swim and runs nice and easy and allowed us to go into the race chilled out!

I had a great swim coming out right on the front line of athletes. We pushed hard over the technical bike course but I mostly aimed to just stay a few athletes back so I’m not wasting too much energy pulling big turns but also not getting strung out around the corners.  I hit the run fast after a great transition and put up to 10 seconds into everyone but just before the last lap I was joined by my good friend and great athlete Laurent Vidal and he out kicked me on the sprint finish to win the race.  Doddsy rounded off the podium meaning that the Australian Sprint Championships didn’t get an Ozzie on the podium so we packed our bags and got out of there sharpish!

I’m happy with that start to my campaign, it was my first race, in early Febuary (not my kind of time of year) and that run speed soon comes once you have a few races under the belt.  It’ll get better and better over the next few months after more of the same back here on the coast.  I’m excited to see what the rest of the year holds. Whatever happens it’s going to be a great year!

By the way, ladies. I know what you’re thinking…Valentines day’s been and gone but if you want the high resolution picture emailed to your account for a background or a blown up poster then please just let me know.

Stay safe guys and gals

track session

Running with Laurent Geelong