Enjoying the time off

August 5th, 2015 by

poppy ride pic

I’ve enjoyed this first 4 weeks away from sport. Nothing that exciting so far, just hanging out with my family and I just payed a visit to legendary Irish Triathlete Conor Murphy and family who’s also been struggling this year, thanks to shitty coaching and support. Nice to compare notes! Slowly but surely I’m starting to get bored and more and more determined to get back into it but that’s not for a while longer yet.

I have to say it’s really nice to be able to step away and take the time and gain perspective to analyse all the little things I’ve been struggling with that led me to need a career break. 

Triathlon is quite tough and I’ve had my foot firmly on the gas ever since I was a junior, rejuvenating the mind and body again is really important if I want to go on for another successful 5/6 years. When you’re in the thick of racing and training you’re so focused on the work that it can be a struggle to notice the aspects you could be doing better in your life to become more successful. I’m recovering by taking the rest of course but also working with my psychologist to change my mindset going forward.

On my slow return, as well as all the little things I can be doing better such as bike set up, training tweaks the most complicated change is balancing my family life with my sport life and with the new addition to my family 20months ago life is not as simple as it once was! I’m still learning to handle that massive part of my life better in order to be the best I can be in sport but also as a family man. My son definitely is not the most patient guy and doesn’t care if I’m only getting 6hrs sleep a night!

I also want to thank my sponsors team Uplace BMC (going on next year as Etixx BMC). They actually are the guys who really pushed me to find answers and supported me the whole way. New sponsors Xhale and Indurance, have been awesome. I’ve picked up a handful of new athletes who are all doing great and loving the software. Indurance have been offering fantastic support from blood profiling to motivational book advice!  I promise I’m working to turn it around for the best. I’m not interested in staying at this same level, I firmly believe that if you want to be the best you can be you have the time to step back and make the necessary changes.

Anyway, I hope all your seasons are going well so far.