Camps going good.

February 9th, 2010 by

fgp 028

Girona is nice, really nice. Accommodation and food is really good which sort of partly makes the trip in my eyes. As long as it’s a nice interesting area and the suns out, I’m happy and we have that as well.

We are under an hours ride from the Pyrenees here so a lot of the time we ride we have snow capped mountains to look at, the roads are nice and smooth and plentiful and lots of off road running to discover.

Training wise…lots of hard swimming.  Swimming is going the best for me at the moment. After a good month of positive sessions in the pool, I am finding it easier to get motivated for swimming fast! Not as fast as Olly Freeman though…he’s not nice to swim with!

I have learnt one little thing whilst I have been out here. Don’t expect to train for almost a week after Parliament Hill Cross Country! I have had tight legs and small hamstring problems since.  It was only yesterday that I could pull out a whole good day! I will be taking recovery from the Nationals very seriously when it comes around in 3 weeks or so.

We had a good day yesterday. A hard swim in the morning, lactate tolerance set, all 5k of it. All the sets are 5k at the moment. Joel will not let us get away with anything less! Well, he gives us a 4 or a 5k option but as standard no one takes it!

We then headed off for a 2.5hr ride, with 40 mins Team Time Trial.  I felt strong enough, normalised power of almost 400Watts. After watching back my video of my ride I realised I really have to get lower on my bike! We then hit a 5x5mins run off the bike where I pretty much I had to go pretty much flat out to hit my target distances of over a mile. Tough times!

We have another few weeks here, there won’t be too many interesting posts I doubt before then! However I am training hard so that I can write more interesting posts when the season starts!

See some of you at the TCR show in London no doubt!