Big camp in Spain done and now all eyes on Dubai

February 19th, 2015 by


Just finished a great camp in Spain. We were staying near a town called Huercal Overa. South coast of Spain. We were actually in a little village just outside, staying in this huge villa.  The weather wasn’t that great actually, we were quite unlucky, the pool was too cold even for an ice bath on one of the days! However it was the perfect place to go to get the head down and live and beach Triathlon.



We had great company the whole camp, and at the peak we had 7 of us, personally I banged out around 33hrs each week.  Not one day easy and a lot of hard swimming, biking and running in there. Run was probably the priority for the camp as I started getting stuck into the long runs needed for Ironman. Before the camp I had never been above 2hrs but here I did 2×2.5hr runs and 2x2hr runs amongst the various sessions and hard tempo runs.  Not bad! I actually feel the best running for a couple of years. My sessions were not something I’d be upset with from my Olympic distance days!

Big ups to Mark Pearce for his amazing effort on camp. He supported us on all our rides in the van, was there giving excellent swim coaching for all the abilities and rode along side us for all our tempo runs. The right decision was made every day to make sure we got the most from the camp without killing us. We all came away super positive and in the Time Trials this morning everyone improved their pb’s by a margin!

Bit of a plug now! If you want to come on the next one then sign up quickly because we’re almost full again… Dates are from March 8th – 15th/17th. Great value for what you get, especially while we set these up!



We’re off to Dubai on Tuesday night for the Challenge Triple Crown. It’s a stacked field as usual when there is this much prize money on offer and can’t wait to see how I stack up! Feel good in training but it’s the first race and that’s where we’ll find out really how we’re getting on!

Thanks for reading!