Back to work

October 28th, 2011 by


I hope you all had a great season this year! I certainly did and I enjoyed some nice relaxing time off to recover the body and the mind!  I holidayed in Ibiza for 3 days and then 2 weeks cruising around Florida with Clare in a convertible for our more chilled holiday!  I definitely wouldn’t call 3 days in Ibiza a holiday, I was more nackered then I’ve been all year!

I started back training this week with Stu Hayes just ticking through 2 or 3 sports per day and I’m sure next week it’ll ramp up again to almost full training so we’re currently enjoying not training particularly hard right now.  It’s nice to do some good training with good feel in the legs without the feeling of being totally smashed all the time!  So far I feel really good, I know that as you get older it’s a lot easier to get fit especially if you have a big base from all the years of  training that you’ve backed up.


I got some good news this week, It’s not confirmed yet, but I should be back on World Class funding this year so it definitely makes things easier for me when I am preparing in Australia this year.

I’m really excited for the year ahead and it’s a massive year for us Brits!  I know that everything I do on ‘the road to London’ will determine the outcome at the Olympics.  I’m very motivated to make sure that I lie down at the end of the year and can put my head on the pillow and say that I did everything that I could and I’ve got no regrets!  I know for certain that this will be my only chance ever to win an Olympic medal in my home country and on that note…I had better get my bike ride done!