A big result in Kitzbuhel!

June 21st, 2011 by


Hello everyone.  I just got back to Loughborough after a longer then necessary days travel!  Phew I’m tired and my legs are way sore! Let’s not waste any time though, every day counts and it’s back to the grind but this time with heaps of motivation after a wicked weekend in Kitzbuhel!

What a difference to last year where it became my last race after a rather burnt out performance polishing it off a week later with that bike crash!

ITU racing can be incredibly draining!  Sometimes when you are struggling for form it can be like banging your head against a brick wall.  The level is so high now and everyone trains mega hard and puts their heart and sole into every session so if you are not racing to your expectations then it’s quite upsetting and you find yourself doing a lot of analysing as well as requiring numerous counselling sessions from the coach!  I tell you what though, when you get a result that you have been looking for  it makes it all worth it and the smile lasts for weeks!

Downtown Kitzbuhel

Kitzbuhel is probably one of my favourite races as the place is incredibly beautiful and it’s a pleasure to visit!  Just ask my 10 family members who make the trip down for the 3rd year running!

I had an average swim, I exited the Schwarzsee right in the middle which was a bit frustrating as I’ve really worked hard on my swimming in the past few weeks.  Fortunately 60 guys all got out of the water pretty close together though and it was no problem and after a lap of chasing the leaders we all came together.  I had a few cracks on the bike as my legs felt pretty good I maybe attacked 4/5 times but nothing was really getting away and I wasn’t really willing to smash my legs up so much that I can’t run fast this time so I sat in the middle and saved my legs for the run.

on motorbike!

I got onto the run feeling relatively fresh, if you have been doing your riding over the winter and you manage to conserve your energy on the bike then you are able to get a pretty easy ride.  This is what I did for the 2nd half of the bike and I got onto the run with a good feeling in the legs as I’ve not really been into the red yet!  I ran strong the whole way, Alexander Brukankov and Sven Riederer slipped away from us and an on fire (again) Alistair Brownlee was already 35 sec’s up the road racing for the win after his breakaway. I was chuffed to finish 4th after a sprint finish with Brad Kahlefeldt and Laurent Vidal and Stu Hayes piled in not long after with 13th place after his part in the breakaway. Love the way he races!

Lastly I just want to say a huge thanks to everyone for your messages, it’s amazing to receive that much support from people following my journey.

I also want to say big thanks to Michelle Dillon who’s done an incredible job, my Team Dillon training partners and my friends and family for always being there no matter what.