8th in Dunkerque

May 24th, 2011 by

carnage in water

Lots of racing this weekend.  Well done to my training buddies who raced in Strathclyde, Joel Jameson in his really great Ironman debut (4th in Lanzarote) and everyone else who raced!  What a weekend!

Dunkerque wen’t well I guess…actually very mixed feelings about it really.

Riding Hard

I had to train right up to this one because I have a German league race this weekend and the big one in Madrid for the World Championships Series the week after. You can’t be fresh for them all otherwise when are you going to train?! So this one was off the back of a massive month of work and a lot of fatigue!

The swim was awful, it was so rough and I just wasn’t used to my wetsuit. It seemed so tight around the shoulders and restricting so it made me feel very tired during the swim…I was surprised when I did eventually get out I was actually quite ‘up there’.

Boardman Bike

Onto the bike I saw that the usual lads were 20 seconds ahead so I chased as hard as I could on my new Boardman AiR 9.8 with my team mate Laurent Vidal but we couldn’t get back to them…our group wasn’t motivated to help me close the gap so it was a lost cause. I kept pushing though and we managed to whittle a big group down to about 8 guys…(not sure where they all went!)

Setting off on the run Brad Kahlefeldt and I made some inroads but we were quite smashed after holding off the boys behind and also trying to catch the lads in front but I ended up crossing the line in 8th.  Not bad considering Michelle smashed me the past month.  The big goal is coming up in Madrid and I can’t wait.