Back to the drawing board…

October 23rd, 2015 by



I hope everyone had a fantastic season and you were able to enjoy a nice long break afterwards to recover!

If you’ve not been following me, I wrote off the last half of the season as I was getting burnt and racing wise was no good to anyone in the end. My Psychologist made the decision in the end to pull the plug on the year and take what was essentially  career break. Otherwise I’d have probably taken a week and carried on ending up in a worse place. I’m pleased I did now, It gave me the time and the space to think and reflect and my body feels much, much fresher and I’m certainly way more motivated to reach my best level yet.

I didn’t do much exciting on my break, to be honest all the time that I used to train was replaced with doing my bit looking after my son and spending time with family. Which to be fair is much harder then training! I was so busy I didn’t miss training that much and it took me a long time to feel fresh again because it’s not that easy chasing after a toddler. However I did escape to Ibiza for 5 days for the usual end of season blow out and tell you what…once you go there, 3 days later you can’t wait to get back on the bike smash around in the Charnwood Hills again!

So I’ve been back into it for the best part of 6 weeks now. I spent 3 weeks hovering around 10hrs a week getting the legs moving again after the long 12 weeks lay off and now back into the routine of training properly again. It feels good to be back fit and healthy again. I’m really motivated after such a long break and fired up after watching all the big races of the year happen on the screen instead of being there racing myself so in a good place right now to push hard for the season.  Normally I’d aim to start back by November the 1st, its a strange feeling being raring to go already with 3 decent weeks under my belt but I have to be patient and stick to the plan! It’s still a year till the big dance and if I push hard now I can easily be flying by January!

In other news I’ve been a coach slut again… I’m now working with Luc Van Lierde. (he’s a bit of a legend, Google him…) I wasn’t looking to change at first but my Uplace BMC team manager managed to persuade me that this would be a important move and an amazing opportunity to learn from one of the best Ironman athletes ever and already a proven coach. We’ve met up a few times in Belgium, once for Lactate testing and I’m really, really impressed and positive that it was a good move. There is also an obvious link with our Belgium based team so all support can centralised. Only thing I need to work on is my Flemish I guess…

I want to thank Mark Pearce for his support this year. He’s a super coach, great guy and one of the most dedicated and knowledgeable coaches around. I really rate him and don’t think he had a fair run at coaching me in the end.

I’ll keep you updated!