10th 70.3 World Champs.

September 12th, 2014 by

Mont Tremblant 70.3 World Champs and the big goal of the year finished for another year.

It didn’t all go smoothly, but I’m feeling proud of how I executed my race and how I over came the adversity to rescue a 10th place and the last prize money position.

It was the best 70.3 I’ve been to so far, they kicked off the Pros with a Fighter Jet fly by followed by the horn blowing. Pretty inspiring!

fighter jet


I had a decent swim, as usual nothing particularly special! 50 secs behind the leaders. Needs work next year for sure.

I have to say once I got on the bike my legs felt amazing, and we ended up riding up to the leaders by the 30km mark. I didn’t do anything to help, Joe Gambles and Terenzo powered us up there. I know my level and played the game, thinking I’ll save it for the run. Hats off to you boys for riding so strong!

worlds bike


By 75km we had established ourselves as a group of 10 and had a healthy lead on some very handy athletes then I hit a stone in the road square on and it punctured my front (and eventually my rear disc) I put my hand up and fortunately a motor bike with spare wheels was not too far behind. So I was changed within 2 mins and back on my way.

I muscled to T2 in 11th and now had a 2:30 gap to the leaders. I knew I could catch some of the guys but also knew that I’d get caught by some as well.

I didn’t feel too swift any more unfortunately but I did end up running myself back into 10th by the finish line after getting caught by Lionel Sanders and Bart Aernouts. Surrounded by some real World Class quality athletes.

Run mt T


Just a shame because if I had finished the bike at the front I’d have been racing for 5th place as our run splits were similar.

Fair play to the podium guys, Javi Gomez and Frodo were a different level and Tim Don killed it to snatch the 3rd place and the ladies especially Dani Ryf and Jodie Swallow.

Recovery time now but heading off to Lanzarote 70.3 next. A super enjoyable race and I’m motivated to give it a really good crack.




group shot

First 70.3 win at Wimbleball

June 18th, 2014 by

It felt great to finally get that win this weekend in Wimbleball. When you race big races every time it can be a long time between winning races unless you’re the best!

Freddy and me

We had beautiful weather in Exmoor finally, even hot at times and the whole course glistens when it’s like this. It has to be one of the most beautiful 70.3′s out there…maybe one of the worst when it’s raining though!

My bike was really well prepared by our BMC mechanic David, thanks for that! I went for Shimano C75′s on front and back due to the steep nature of the hills and I think it was a good decision.


The swim is where I knew I had to try to do some damage. I prepared to swim fast in the weeks before because if I could help it I didn’t want the boys at the front getting away from me and I wanted to try to leave Ritchie Nichols in my wake because I know what he can do on his best days.

I felt great in the swim and managed to exit with my training mate Mark Threlfall and Dan Hawksworth. I love my Sailfish wetsuit and swear I’m racing beyond my level in this suit! Mark ramped it up in the last 600m, I could see the chop coming from him and I just managed to hold on so we had a decent split on the other guys and we made the most of it on the hilly course. I had no idea through the ride what was happening behind but we just got our heads down and Dan and the other German guy we were with rode hard. I felt decent the whole way with minimal bad patches but there were times where I thought the other two guys were turning the screws on me and I felt tired.

I think I actually ended up being the strongest in the pack to my surprise and in the end we actually managed to drop Dan on the last set of climbs.

Out on the run we had about a 90 second gap to a pack of 5 who were not too far behind us the whole ride. Harry Springall was chasing me hard on the run and it was a long way back to Ritchie and after a few laps of good running I knew I had enough gas to get round for a semi comfortable win.

Winning pic

Congrats to Harry Springall for his first 70.3 podium in 2nd. First of many I’m sure and Ritchie for battling it out for 3rd.

The crowd were amazing at the finish and it was nice to see Freddy, my new born son come to watch me for the first time win my first 70.3 on fathers day! Great timing!

Thanks for the interaction everyone! I hope those who raced got what they wanted out of it, what a tough course!



Barcelona and onwards.

June 11th, 2014 by

Hello everybody, thanks for tapping in.

Things are going well for me as we hit half way through the season. I’m just getting stuck into a meaty taper for UK 70.3 down in Wimbleball and I think I’m probably coming into some of my best shape of the season so far. It’s all very nice when you’re resting up knowing that you have good legs. Not a bad gig sitting on the sofa super-compensating, getting fitter as you chug through your cup of tea!

Before ride

I’m pretty happy with the season so far. I’ve managed to bag three 2nd places in 70.3 events. Most recently from the Barcelona 70.3 which was a fantastic race! Probably about time I turn it around and get a win, but already this season is better then last year.

It’s a brilliant race down in Barcelona, nice point to point sea swim, very very solid hilly bike course and flat run along the Med. We had another quality field of athletes with Victor Del Corral, Terenzo Bozzone, Jan Van Berkel, Bruno Pais, Sylvain Sudrie and many others. Unfortunately I let Sylvain Sudrie and Jan gap my by too much on the descent and I never saw Sylvain again.  He was fricking strong all day and deserved the win anyway. Anyone who has trained with me knows I’m a pussy on the descents! Crashed too many times in my life but did start to get my confidence up towards the end of the ride to be fair.  I had a duel with Terenzo for about 10k on the run before deciding that he’s too dangerous to leave to a sprint finish so had to give him a bit of surgery! Was happy to take 2nd in my best performance in a 70.3 yet.

running with Terenzo

I got back home and after 3 or 4 days of resting I cracked back on with my training (in the rain). I knew I was quite fit and wanted to try to push my fitness up to a mini peak for Wimbleball.  Everything went well  and I had a great few weeks training out of Loughborough with the guys here.

I’m excited to race this weekend. I was useless last year and not exactly going in with great memories but I think the course is brilliant and I believe I’m a new man a year on. Looking at the field it’s going to be an epic race.

Hope to see some of you out there. Good luck with your summers whatever you have planned!

chilling out after race